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NOTE: Confirming your desire to secure surety with Livingston International does not obligate you to take on a bond with Livingston International nor does it obligate Livingston International to provide you with a bond. It simply confirms your interest in doing so.

Livingston will provide a reminder notification no less than one month before the bond goes into effect. The reminder will include any requisite documentation that may need to be completed by you prior to the bond taking effect. If you choose an alternative bond provider in the interim, please provide written notification that you no longer wish to secure a bond with Livingston

* Please note, existing Livingston customers will also receive account-related communications.

**Client acknowledges that CBSA bonding requirement may be amended by CBSA from time to time.  To the extent bonding requirements are amended and Livingston International’s bond offering no longer complies with such requirements Client agrees that Livingston International will be held harmless and will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, loss or any other fees which Client may incur as a result of the bond’s inability to support any Client importations.  This offer is only intended for the identified recipient.  Livingston is under no obligation to provide Client with a bond.  Qualification requirements and bond pricing may vary by Client and are at Livingston’s sole discretion.