Livingston International

Invoice payment isn't one-size-fits-all. Check out the different payment types and terms below, and choose the combination that best fits your business.

Topics covered in the guide

Payment Options
Payment Methods

Documents needed to enroll

CBP Form 400 for Automated Clearing House Debit
CBP Form 401 for Automated Clearing House Credit
CBP Form 5106 for Periodic Monthly Statements

Payment Options

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Payment Option
  • Continuous bond is required
  • Submit two separate payments:
    Payment 1 - To Customs for the duty
    Payment 2 - To Livingston for brokerage fee and freight service
  • Continuous bond is required
  • One payment to Livingston
  • Payment is due on the 15th working day of the following month
Open Terms
  • Pay your transactional invoices to Livingston
  • Payment due 21 days from invoice date

Payment Methods

Choose how to pay your invoice from the options below:

Bank Wire Transfer
Instruct your bank to forward payment to Livingston’s bank account.
Automated Clearing House
Instruct your bank to pay Livingston.
Check, money order, or bank draft
Livingston accepts company checks, certified checks, money order or bank drafts.