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The Basics: Classification

This session is presented in two parts. Both sessions are great for importers and exporters across North America looking to learn or refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) and the Harmonized System (HS).

Duration    Part 1:  13 minutes
Part 2: 20 minutes
Cost Free (Requires free registration)

Part 1: In “The importance of correct H.S. classification and tariff structure,” you’ll learn about the history of classification and its place in import/export operations and compliance. You’ll also learn how an individual tariff number is broken down into its component parts and , and how the tariff NAFTA and what it means to importers, and we’ll discuss using NAFTA Rules of Origin and the various preference criteria needed to properly qualify your goods.

Part 2: In “Types of duty, tools for classification and consequences for non-compliance,” you’ll learn about the different duty rates available and when they apply, as well as the basic tools available to help you identify which duty types apply to your goods. You’ll also learn about the impact classification can have on your overall compliance efforts and your operations as a whole.

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